Hailing from one of the world's finest Art capitals, Saint Petersburg Russia, Alexander Zaydel was born and raised in proximity to some of the most famous arts institutions. He spent a great deal of his formative years frequenting museums such as the Hermitage and the Russian Museum, to name a few. It was within these walls that he was exposed to the Art World and inspired to carve out his own lifelong installation. Today, Alex is an authority in the fields of French and Russian Porcelain as well as Russian Silver & Enamels. He is a keen appraiser of visual arts, collecting high-quality only items from the mid eighteen century to the end of the nineteenth century and beyond. This discerning eye allowed him to become immersed in the extensive study of Art History and sustained a decades-long career in Industrial and Interior Design. Over thirty years ago Alex started his own private collection which grew substantially as he had the chance to study hundreds of objects closely firsthand. Being knowledgeable, nuanced and dedicated to the subject, Alex has no wish to keep these jewels of expertise to himself but to extend and lend his talents to fellow collectors. 


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